Human Resources Services

Build your Human Resources “Identity”

Our Human Resources Solutions are fully customizable from concept to completion based on the needs, current position, business objectives, and performance goals of our clients. Our Consultants will guide you through sketching your HR blueprint from scratch, or they can work with you to rebuild and enhance your existing structure.


Most organizations are going towards the philosophy of a flat organizational structure; disseminating the process of decision making, and directing it to where expertise, knowledge, and mindset gather. Broad Band pay structure offers the opportunity for key performs to move up the ladder in their career within their organizations since it encourages skill development and invests in learning.

Our Consultants work closely with clients to understand their organizational structure, current pay methodology, future strategies, available competencies, and job dimensions to develop a custom-made pay system that perfectly fits the organizations structure, needs, and cater for its growth.

Building systematic, and well-defined salary scales is vital for allocating your budget & cost structure. We will support you with articulate expertise & unparalleled accuracy ,,

At Boundless Consulting we believe that balanced performance appraisal system enables our clients to measure the achievement of their strategic objectives/ goals throughout managing the individual performance of employees.

Our Consultants work on designing guidelines, setting criteria, as well as policies and procedures for implementing the system, including determining performance appraisal frequency and schedule. Our team possesses the knowledge and experience to look into the current system and enhancing it, or conceptualizing a new one from scratch based on diagnostic approach for the organization’s requirements, structure, mission, values, and goals.

End results are what matters the most, we’ll build with you a thorough Evaluation system to supply you with accurate performance measures and comprehensive employee development plans ,,

HR Policies & Procedures are the map that directs your workforce towards achieving business goals and objectives within your organization’s standards frame. We work on the design and documentation of your Policies & Procedures Manuals through conducting a thorough review and evaluating the current practices and activities carried out by our clients.

In order to accurately develop and document the policies and procedures manuals, Boundless Consulting follow a methodology that is based on excessive process owner feedback, data collection and benchmarking of best practices, to reach a well-defined set of guidelines for your Human Capital to revert to, and extend a unified employee orientation.

A clear vision is what sets the tone and keep your employees working in synergy. With you we will define the guidelines that will reflect your company’s culture and clarify your set of standards ,,

At Boundless Consulting we start with you from working onsite to determine the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) for each job, mark the job grade, align it within the organizational structure to develop job descriptions or review and amend the existing ones.

This process will include identifying each job’s responsibilities, attributes, and overall position at your company, and linking it to the recruitment cycle, as well as the “Annual Evaluation & Appraisal Process” to achieve desirable results from all employees. Composing informative Job Description Cards for each position in your organizational structure is essential for illuminating the responsibilities of each employee, and supports measuring the level of performance at your company.

Transparency & accuracy with your employees are imperative, specially when it comes to their role at the company. If you want to get superlative results, you should start on the right track ,,

Training & Development is an essential function of the Human Resources Management role in any organization. This process is usually implemented to tackle performance problems, introduce a new system, task, technology, or job role, or where a desire to benefit from a perceived opportunity exists.

At Boundless Consulting we work hand in hand with our clients to make sure that our training platform confidently accomplishes the set objectives by developing training programs that are goal oriented, comprehensive, interactive and action driven. Collaborative interaction and clear communication channels are the two main forces behind our success in this field.

Investing in the development of your workforce is a key factor for success, our role is to create your blueprint to move up the ladder, and assist you in evaluating each stage’s outcomes ,,