About Boundless Consulting

Grow with your “Human Capital”


Who We Are

the shortest reliable recruitment cycle in the market, start screening your candidates in only 7 calendar days ,,

Boundless Consulting is an HR Consulting company based in the UAE, covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We focus on supplying the market with top of the line HR Services with a huge focus on recruitment. Our dedication and ongoing emphasis on research and technology allowed us to enjoy a rapid growth to become one of the leading companies in the market, supplying our team with a cutting edge technology and business intelligence techniques to efficiently exceed client’s requirements and excel over market demand.

Our services cover all functions of Human Resources with a team of professionals specialized in each area of the field. We work persistently to provide all of our clients with the finest HR services, and our team is always on hand to work with clients around the clock, and act as a vital part of their resourcing setup as our services are tailor-made and fully customizable to cater for our clients’ needs and criteria.

What We Add to Your Business

you will observe the improved efficiency, productivity & communication, all under one roof ,, 

What we guarantee at Boundless Consulting is approaching the highest caliber, possessing the proficiencies, knowledge and cultural suitability available in the marketplace by using all online and offline methods of recruitment, with a focus on the recruitment channels of the social media networks. Our teams of Recruiters are segmented to cover market niches within their domains, to provide our clients with unrivalled results over the short period of  7 calendar days”.

Alongside Recruitment, Boundless Consulting offers you the chance to get your full HR suite at one place, focusing on the human capital; the factor that will feed the business growth of any organization. Our role as your Consultants is to map your business growth and assist in boosting the organizational performance strategically by eliminating repetitive back office HR processes, structural reduction of Human Resources Management cost base, and aid in upholding HR direction.

With Boundless Consulting, you can get to reach to the shortest reliable Recruitment cycle in the market coupled with the ability of generating a solid HR structure where non-value adding activities are eliminated and hidden HR operations costs are nonexistent, you will observe the improved efficiency, productivity & communication, all under one roof!

Industries We Cover

Having a diversified client-base was the drive enabling us to take a step forward and expand our services listing to cover most industries, with HR professionals working with us possessing solid base in each and every area of the following: